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Psychic Reading * Astrology * Spiritual Guidance * Twin Flame/Soulmate Coaching * Sound Energy Therapy


Get advice from someone who sees beyond the normal realm of reality. 

Psychic Of The Universe 

Revealing The Divine Purpose Of Your Life​

Welcome To Your Psychic Experience

Aloha, and welcome to my place of healing, where the energy is positive and the mind is pure. 

I am Psychic Alicia Miller, A TRUE Master Psychic, Empath, Chakra Consultant, Spiritual Healer and a Twinflame, Soulmate Love Expert with over 25 years of experience.

I have mastered the art of the tarot cards and can reveal your past, present and future in great detail. 

One visit or session with me will convince you that you have come to the right place.

I can provide you with dates and timelines of future events and will tell you exactly what your lover is thinking and feeling right now. I will answer your questions on all lives matters accurately and honestly and help you to unlock and understand your true life purpose.

I am based out of Houston, Texas, and provide readings or healing services to local residents & visitors in-person and to clients worldwide by phone, e-mail, instagram DM, and WhatsApp.

Distance is never a problem. I can read for anyone from anywhere in the world!

I provide spiritual guidance to those who feel lost or confused. 

I can assist you in finding answers to major and minor decisions you have to make everyday in life. 

I have dedicated my life to helping as many people as I can, and I have been successful in doing so.

As long as you ask for help, you can receive it!

PLEASE: You should come with an open heart and mind for the best results, as any doubts or negative energy might affect your session.

All services are ALWAYS private and confidential. No audio or video recordings are allowed during any sessions! 

Locally by appointment only 

Open Monday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

 After 7pm till 11pm by phone/txt only and closed on Sundays. (Temple Time)

Emergency Phone Readings Available 24 hrs/7wk

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