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Alicia's Spiritual Services

With decades of experience, my psychic predictions are second to none. 

Clients have believed ever since I could provide face-to-face psychic readings.

All of my services are designed to help you get whatever it is your heart desires. 

Ultimately, I want a happy customer who uses my services for a lifetime. 

I want friends and clients for life and I will make every effort to do so. 

I care and can help with the proper guidance and help.

My gifts are not for the light hearted. 

With me, you will only get truth and help to get the answers you have been seeking. 

I have a very high success rate and don't plan to change that, you will be amazed on how I see your past as if I have lived it with you and know your present hurt as if it is my own. 

I will help you understand that together we can overcome all that has been troubling you or blocking you from living life as God intended. 

Stop waiting and call now so we may push open the doors together to allow love and success in!

Hawaiian Love Reading

Soul Connections - Dating - Love - Romance

This reading will give you insights on your love life and matters of the heart. I will let you know what your lover is truly thinking and feeling about you.

I will also give you a relationship forecasts and compatibility. Reveals if your lover is a twinflame, soulmate or karmic connection to you.

Full-Life Energy Reading

Twin Flame Soulmate Love Reading

Tells past, present and future in great detail. Advises through all problems. Looks into and gives forecasts on love & romance, career & finances, health & happiness and much more. 

Will provide you with dates and timelines of future events and will answer your questions on all lifes matters. (Also includes twin flame/soulmate reading, meditation with your energy before and during your session.) 

Chakra Energy Reading

Energy Health Check

You are possibly familiar with the ideology of chakras. They are the energy centres in the body that align with the spine, each one administering different regions or organs of the body. Here I’ll give you a complete overview of what they do and what they are, but, more than that; I’ll make you exactly know how you can clear your chakras for yourself!

Chakra Alignment

Energy Healing/Chakra Activation 

 Awakening your Seven Chakras.

The Main Seven Chakras are the internal energy that enters our bodies which will affect us in all aspects of our lives. If one or more of your chakras is off balance it can cause negative energy. It is very important that our chakras are always balanced. these energies affect us in all aspects of our lives

Aligning your chakras will help with the emotional, mental and physical states of one’s body to help remove all negative blocks to maintain good health and harmony.  

Spiritual Healings & Conjourings

Love Spells

Getting a spell cast is a useful extension when you have tried everything else to change a failing situation or get back your lover. 

Lots of people have constant spell work for all forms of circumstances and regularly book castings to help with life in general. 

Love spells differ from reuniting you with a past lover to removing someone causing problems in your relationship.

My spells work great for marriages heading towards separation or divorce, reunites lovers/soul connections, Restores commitment, Casts away ALL negative energies from your relationship Or even remove an unwanted 3rd party.

(NOTE:) These love spells are highly effective but only works if the two are spiritually connected which means this spell isn't for just anyone.

All spells are custom designed to permanently fix and restore any relationship with never failing results. 


No matter what the issue may be I can help even if other psychics have failed! Call now to get your life back today!

Hawaiian Love Spell Reading

Spell Consultation

Hawaiian Love Healings

Restore Love & Passion back into your relationship

Alicias Hawiian Love Spell 

Reunites lovers

Twin Flame Love Spell

Healing - Activation 

PLEASE: You should come with an open heart and mind for the best results, as any doubts or negative energy might affect your session.

All services are ALWAYS private and confidential. No audio or video recordings are allowed during any sessions! 

Locally by appointment only 

Open Monday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

 After 7pm till 11pm by phone/txt only and closed on Sundays. (Temple Time)

Emergency Phone Readings Available 24 hrs/7wk


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