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Real Reviews From Real Clients 

Nadia K. - Real Estate Agent, Sugarland, TX.

 I was nervous prior to my appointment but once I got there I was immediately relieved. I trust my instincts and they were all a go. Alicia is wonderfully gifted WITHOUT being fed information. I wrote down SPECIFIC questions that would require SPECIFIC answers and I got just that. She touched on four areas: health, finance, career, and relationship. She was spot on. She gave me information no one would have known. The accuracy was phenomenal. I got some honest answers, closure and healing that I needed. A priceless gift that I will always cherish her for! Alicia is wonderfully down to earth, great energy and a warm spirit. I've put this off for years for many reasons, however I am so glad I finally went. And know I made the right decision to go to Her.

Mari A. - Healthcare Provider Phoenix, AZ.

“I was in the middle of a divorce after being married to my husband for 8 years. All I felt was a dark cloud around me and so much distance. I knew in my heart that I loved him and he loved me too, but there were so many obstacles in the way. I came across Alicia she told me everything about my life without me saying a word. She not only put me at ease and cleared my mind, She provided solutions to my problems. She's changed my life with her spiritual work. 

It was fast and affordable.”

Jennifer T. – Intuitive, Artist and Healer, Calabasas, CA. 

“I have always found Alicia’s psychic abilities a tremendous asset in my life. There are times when we are so involved in the karma of relationships that we are unable to see the forest thru the trees. This is when I find it’s time to call Alicia. She is able to see and precisely call the dynamics of what is truly going on with my relationships and with all its players. I find that a quarterly reading with Alicia helps to clear the reality decks and I am able to proceed with clarity. 

Alicia Miller is a reader’s reader”

Paulina R. – Actress, Ontario, CA.

"My reading with Alicia was one of the most phenomenal experience of my life. Her connection with me and my life went from comical to deeply moving... It was amazing. But what I also took away from this experience is that she is an absolute precious human being and was such a joy to communicate with. Combine that with her GENUINE six sense abilities and you have an amazing experience. And it was. Look no further!"

Jeremy M. - Professional Athlete, Scranton, PA.

“Readings with Ms. Alicia are always accurate! Her advice is honest and sincere. I trust this woman with my life because I know she ONLY wants the best for me. Alicia tells it like it is, Like it or not. I would be lost without her today.”

Keith B. – Business Owner, Houston, TX.

“I will never forget running in to Alicia the day before we evacuated for Hurricane Harvey. She told me “Hurry up and get out. It won’t be the wind but the water that will be bad” and she was unfortunately correct. Thankfully we listened to this angel because she has always been spot on before.”

Beth Z. - Model, Los Angeles, CA.

"Thank you for your tremendous help. Your reading brought so much clarity to my life. I was in a fog, unhappy, sad and lost. You brought my spirit back to me. Your work helped overcome the negativity surrounding me. I feel reborn. My hope is you continue to help as many people as you can. You gave me inspiration to start again with a new bright, positive attitude. 

I am forever grateful to the universe for bringing you into my life Ms. Alicia thank you."

Olivia H. – North Dakota

“Hi Alicia, I just need to share something with you. I came to see you in September and I must confess I was a little skeptical of the information you shared with me. You connected with my father and I was happy about that but thought “Is this real?” But then you started giving me information about the future. How could you possibly predict things that were going to happen in the future, I thought. You predicted health issues with my Mother in Law. Two minutes after I arrived home the phone rang. It was my Father in Law telling us my Mother in Law needs surgery. You predicted my son would talk about marriage with me after the New Year. That happened. You predicted a baby granddaughter in the future. I got news yesterday, that my son and his girlfriend are having a baby girl in October. You are absolutely amazing, Alicia !!!! I hope next time I am in Houston I will be able to see you again.”

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